Golden Rose Academy Privacy Policy

Golden Rose Academy Guidelines and Policies

This page will give you all the important information you need. Please read through the whole page at least once.

There is a lot of really important information in here that will help you have the most incredible experience possible.

Academy Guidelines

  • ·Be kind & respectful
  • ·Attending Academy with clear energy
  • ·Unconditional acceptance

Academy Rules

  • ·Respect each other's confidentiality
  • ·Do not violate copyright
  • ·What happens if you don't follow the guidelines and rules
  • ·Refund policy
  • ·Academy Evolvement
  • ·Where to get support
  • ·Payment enquiries

You have chosen me, and the Academy for a reason, I don’t believe in chance. We have chosen to come together to learn and grow, evolving together with love in our hearts.

Over the next weeks, months or year, we will travel together on a journey. We will share our stories. We will gain clarity and direction, and watch as our lives take on purpose. We will learn to share from our hearts and souls and we will become more courageous, as our lives fill with more faith, as our soul’s purpose unfolds. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.


The Academy

The main purpose of the Academy is first and foremost to provide you access to Grounded Spiritually based Courses and Workshops. This is of over 30 years of my life’s work. More resources will be added as we get the Academy established. In there are some incredibly powerful resources and tools that will help you transform every area of your life - from business, to personal and soul growth. This will have a major impact on your happiness and health.

The secondary purpose of the Academy is to give you the space to work through those programs with other women who are doing them too... giving you the support, and inspiration to help you get even more out it.

I am so glad you are here

The Golden Rose Academy is a Positive, Caring place that is set up to empower every person who visits here.

  • ·No harassment of any sort will be tolerated
  • ·Derogatory comments or slurs are not tolerated, any harsh language directed at any one else will be grounds for dismissal
  • ·Abusive or disrespectful behaviour to myself, my team or the Academy at anytime, will not be tolerated. If you have any concerns or questions of course it's fine to ask - but do it kindly and respectfully.

What Happens If You Don't

We have a zero tolerance policy for abusive behaviour. If you aren't kind or respectful, you will be banned with no warning. No refund will be provided.

Practicing positive self - regard is encouraged everywhere in the Academy.

Attending the Academy with clear Intent

The Academy; is a sacred space. This is a place where you can experience a deep connection with yourselves, and with spirit. As with all sacred spaces, I ask for you to attend with clear intent. This means - please do not take drugs or alcohol before participating in your course.

Why do I ask this? Drugs & alcohol do not blend well when working in any altered state of consciousness. You will find it difficult to be grounded and it is not spiritual ethical. Please respect the energy of the Academy and of the others who have come here to work safely.


All course materials are © Judith Te Huia & the Golden Rose Academy

Please do not use this material for anything other than working on your course.

Connecting outside the Academy

We will have a private Facebook page where students can meet. Please respect this space.

What happens if you don't follow the guidelines and rules?

For minor infringements, you'll receive one warning.

If you're a repeat offender, you will be banned immediately without refund.

For a violation or infringement deemed to be more than minor, you will be banned immediately without refund.

The management of Judith Te Huia & Golden Rose Academy will be the sole arbiter in determining what constitutes a violation or infringement. All decisions are final.

Refund Policy

Please note that there are NO refunds for Academy courses except where required by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Law. You still get to keep & use the course you have signed up for. My products and services have been tested and proven. You’d be hard pressed to find as much content and resources, for such a small priced program. When you invest in your self with the Academy your purchase is final. In addition, by signing up to the Golden Rose Academy, you are obligated to abide by our community rules. Basically: if you wish to speak rudely or unkindly or behave inappropriately, we do not wish to work with you and your access will be revoked. We expect our members to turn up with integrity, self-responsibility and a positive attitude. If that doesn't sound like you, then maybe it’s not suitable. If you want to become a Golden Rose Academy member, then say Yes to it with an open heart & soul.

The Academy is evolving

It is an evolving, transforming resource and community. It will not stay the same. Courses will be added or removed, as they need to be. Different resources will be added or reduced as needed. This is very much a place of growth and renewal. Like any garden that we work in and love, it will need to be looked after. Pruning, replanting expanding and replacing, are all the parts that make up a well-tended space. Where we can spend time contemplating and enjoying. I always do this with the intention of creating the very best training programs and resource for you.


If you have any questions about your course or payments, make sure you email [email protected] and the support team will help you out.

Golden Rose Academy Guidelines and Policies


1. The students participating in the Certificate in Intuitive Studies do not claim to have legally recognized qualifications or authority to be a counseller or Spiritual Psychic and Personal Development teacher.

2. The course has been designed to provide for people a place in which to grow, learn and develop spiritually, psychically and personally. It is not designed to treat, diagnose, cure or alleviate symptoms of any kind of mental or physical illness.

3. Certificate in Intuitive Studies does not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences of a student or client’s use of its services either beneficial or otherwise. A client’s use of the advice or information provided in a session or workshop, their interpretation of what they see or hear in such sessions or workshops or any effects on them or others, which they attribute to such sessions, or workshop is their responsibility alone.

6 — In no event shall Judith Te Huia Certificate in Intuitive Studies or its employees be liable to any person(s) for any loss or damage of any kind, which may occur as a result of any of the service(s) it provides.

Please note that Certificate in Intuitive Studies requires that all student’s or clients read the above Disclaimer and our Agreement and will draw the attention of all intending student’s or clients to these documents prior to the commencement of the course, workshop or service being provided. A client’s willingness to participate in any sessions or workshops will be taken by the practitioner to mean that they have read, understood and accepted each and every clause of the above Disclaimer and Agreement.